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| Saturday, July 21, 2007

Andy Lau was in Taiwan to promote the safety rules and regulations for taking Taipei Maokong Gondola, he also became the first artiste to perform at Chih Nan Temple station which attracted more than 3,000 to see him, some fans even queued up early in the morning.

However the event suffered a setback as an accident happened, because one fan whom went there to show her support for Andy was bleeding from her head when a camera fall off from the station, she was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

Andy was told of the accident during the event, he immediately arranged a crew member to pass an autograph CD for the injured fan, as regards wishing her a speedy recovery. Andy said: "No matter the one whom got injured is or not my fan, I do hope that nothing will happen to her, hope she'll have a speedy recovery." Andy added that he immmediately asked his crew member to check the status of the injured woman and he expressed: "I was informed that the injured woman was given 3 stitches, she had went back home to rest, they told me that she is my fan, thus I immediately gave her an autograph CD."

The Taipei Maokong Gondola "Reminder of Love" (literally translated) concert was organised by Metro Taipei and radio station Hit Fm, the crowd is so huge that it need 300 securities and volunteer workers to maintain order. The event start at 1:30pm but some fans started queuing as early as 7:00 am. There was a huge crowd at the station and the crowd started to grow thus jam packed the station.

When the male fan who queued at the number one spot was interviewed, he said that he hardly had to chance to see Andy thus he doesn't mind coming early. Fans would need to have a 10 minute walk to the Chih Nan Temple Mall after alighting at the station but it still does not stop the crowd from growing.

Andy had arranged 15 orphans of age ranging from 4 - 8 years old to take the 8-minutes gondola ride with him.

Andy expressed that it's meaningless to take the gondola ride along thus he decided to bring the orphans to share the moment with him.

When interviewed, Andy expressed that he's delighted to be able to see beautiful scenery while on the gondola, there are cool wind blowing when it's mid-way through the mountains, the gondola is not stuffy.

He was also asked to compared Taipei Maokong Gondola with Hong Kong's Ngong Ping 360, he quipped that the square-shaped gondola in Taiwan could accommodate 8 persons whereas Hong Kong's Ngong Ping 360 could accommodate 16 persons and is round-shaped, these are the major difference.

The organiser Metro Taiepi expressed that they invited Andy to perform to hope that he would spread the courteous and safety rules and regulations of taking the gondola.

It was a high temperature of 37 degrees celsius yesterday, Andy played games and sang his new songs - "Yi" and "Mu Di" under the hot sun, he was dreneched with sweat as he exclaimed that he was melted by the enthusiasm of Taiwan.

Fans kept giving him towel to wipe dry his sweat and water for him to drink, female fans don't mind a sweaty Andy and seize the chance to hug Andy!

In addition, Andy who was interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin earlier had revealed that the 4 Tigers only agreed to cameo in the movie - 'Heng Dai', believed the addition of Eason Chan resulted in many allegations. Andy quipped that he predicted that the movie will earn money.

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