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| Monday, July 23, 2007

Andy Lau held another autograph session at Kaohsiung which attracted thousands of fans, some mother fans even requested Andy to sign on their babies' clothes which Andy signed for them. Some fans complained that if they had know earlier, they would also bring their baby along for autograph.

After the autograph session, Andy rushed to Kaohsiung airport to take a flight back to Taipei where he was surrounded by hundreds of fans, he could not move. He would be having a fan gathering at night.

Stephen Fung plans to re-make Long Gang's Story of a Discharged Prisoner in March 2008, the male lead had been decided to be Andy Lau. However other than Andy interested in the movie, Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is also interested to shoot a English version. Stephen specially flew to Berlin to discuss a collaboration with him in the presence of his wife Katie Holmes and daughter. Stephen exclaimed that Tom has put up no airs.

Since the copyright of his Enter the Phoenix being bought by an American movie company, Stephen and Brandon Routh had met in Beijing Tian-an-men Mall to discuss about their collaboration. One month later, another American company came knocking on his door as he get to meet Tom Cruise in Berlin. Tom is interested in the Chinese market, especially China as he hope to collaborate with an Asian director.

Currently Tom Cruise is location shooting in Berlin for Bryan Singer new movie - Valkyrie, the executive producer of the movie Chris Lee is a friend of Stephen, under the coordination of Chris, an arrangement for Stephen and Tom to meet. Stephen said: "My meeting with Tom Cruise in Berlin made me feel that he put up no airs, he's a nice guy. When Chris told him that one of my movie's copyright was bought by an American company, he asked me if I've collaborated with foreigner before. I told him that I would be collaborating with Andy in a remake of Long Gang's Story of a Discharged Prisoner next year, it will be a complete new story, after that he introduce a high rank officer from his company to me, asking me to translate the movie into English and see if it's possible for a collaboration. When I return to Hong Kong, I've started to work on an English version of the script, I hope I could show him soon."

Stephen stressed that his remake of Story of a Discharged Prisoner will only maintain the title, it will have a brand new story, he said: "The story will revolve between 2 whom grew up together and become brothers and become hatred for each other, Andy will be the big brother, they fight together with the younger brother in the triad world, but the younger brother betray the big brother because of love. Although he already has an ideal actor for the younger brother role, but no contracts being sign thus he would not like to reveal the name."

Stephen revealed that Tom Cruise had told him that he had watched his House of Fury and was familiar with Andy's movies. When asked if there would be a chance for Andy and Tom to collaborate? He said: "We had not discuss till so far, but Tom did tell me that he had watched Andy's movies before."

news from: Apple Daily News