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| Friday, July 20, 2007

Being the first singer to perform at Taipei Maokong Gondola, his popularity is incredible! The autograph session was scheduled to start at 2:30pm, it attracted more thousands of fans which jam-packed Chih Nan Temple station which is rather a small venue. The organiser had to increase the number of securities to prevent any accident from happening. However, it was heard that a small accident happened before Andy performed as one young lady was injured when a camera fall onto her head when she walked past the station, she was bleeding from the head!

The young mother brough her child along to meet her idol - Andy, she also seize the chance to take the newly open Taipei Maokong Gondola, however when she walked past the station, a camera fall onto her head from high height causing her to bled from the head, she was sent to the hospital immediately for treatment. It was understand that the camera belong to a couple whom could not hold onto their camera and it fall off from the station, luckily it was not a serious injury.

The autograph session supposed to start at 2:30pm, but Andy arrived early thus the event started early around 1:50pm.

Andy dressed casually as he was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. He took the gondola from the zoo station to Chih Nan Temple station, he also share his experience of the gondola as he expressed that he witness good scenery as it feel great seeing everything in green. He said: "I also endorsed the gondola of Ocean Park, I also feel that it was very hot, because no gondola in the world is air-conditioned."

Despite the high temperature of 37 degrees celsius, the fans were still there to show their support for Andy. The temperature was so hot that Andy prepared a towel to wipe his sweat, he played games with the crowd and sang 2 songs from his new album which satisfied the fans whom came with huge fan, umbrella, mini-fan, some who were drenched in sweat still wave the poster along to Andy's singing. Andy quipped: "I sweat more when I danced, luckily my face don't sweat a lot, my body sweat a lot, a lot."

When told of the accident earlier, Andy specially urge everybody to take care of their own safety and hold tight to their own items in order to prevent similar accident to happen again.

news from: ETtoday, Central Daily News, TVBS, udnnews