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| Monday, July 23, 2007

Andy Lau whom just endorsed Taipei Maokong Gondola two days ago had shifted his autograph session to Kaohsiung which is also jam-packed which delights him because his popularity does not drop despite the hot weather. AS this is the last autograph session for Andy in this Taiwan promotional trip, some even queued from midnight just to get the number one pass and catch a glimpse of Andy.

Even under the hot sun, the fans went crazy upon seeing Andy, they care less of the strong sun rays as they waved the posters in their hands and sing along with Andy.

Andy sighed to an accident that happened at Taipei Maokong Gondola. When asked by reporters if he had just endorsed the Taipei Maokong Gondola, Andy answered: "Yes!" When reporter asked if he knew that there was an accident at Taipei Maokong Gondola yesterday, Andy answered: "I know about it, it's rather disappointing, I think the service should be stopped for the meanwhile to find out the actual fault, because the weather does not cause it to malfunction."

Andy feel that Metro Taipei should find out the reason behind the fault that cause the gondola to derail, he also tried to save some face for Taipei Maokong Gondola, he said: "When they show me, everything is fine, maybe the system is still new and they're not familiar with the system, I think they should spend some time to understand the system."

Andy added that Metro Taipei would surely find out the fault to ensure the safety of its passengers.

Andy also didn't forget to remind the fans from suffering stroke as it was the highest UV index for Kaohsiung yesterday. The fans seems to be well prepared for the sun, as they sing along with Andy as though they forget about the hot weather.

news from: TVBS, ETtoday