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| Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jacky Cheung proved he still has what it takes to be a Heavenly King when he performed here recently. What about the other three? CHANG MAY CHOON finds out.

Andy Lau, 46: Can't slow down

Career buzz: He is no Jay Chou, but Andy valiantly tackled R&B for the first time in his new Mandarin album, Miracle World.

His new single, One, is also an R&B tune by Taiwanese songwriters Michael Lin and Vincent Fang. Andy said in a press release that he practised so hard to get the feel right, only to induce disbelief in those who heard it. Some even accused him of using a voice double, he added.

Radio 100.3 deejay Ken Low told The New Paper that the chorus 'sounds a bit like Jay', but the rest of the song has Andy's unmistakeable 'Chinaman' stamp on it. 'You can't compare it to real R&B, but it is a new endeavour for Andy and it marks a milestone in his career.' Miracle World, which is out in the stores here, also captures Andy's musings about showbiz and environmental issues like global warming.

His next challenge? He will reportedly compose and sing the theme song for his upcoming epic film The Warlords, which co-stars Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Arguably the most hardworking and prolific of the Four Heavenly Kings, Andy has been described as 'Iron Man' or 'Superman' for his amazing ability to cope with maximum work, minimum rest. The owner of the media companies under the Focus Group Holdings also looks set to dominate the silver screen with three other new projects to add to his portfolio of more than 110 titles. In Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy plays the warrior Zhao Zilong, opposite Leon Lai's Zhou Yu.

Then, there is Brothers, which tells the story of TVB's Five Tigers - Andy, Felix Wong, Miu Kiu-Wai, Ken Tong and Tony Leung. They all play themselves, except for Tony who is played by Eason Chan. Andy will also star in Chinese director Ning Hao's new film Crazy Racer, reportedly a mix of crime, love and bicycle racing.

Love life: None reported so far. Andy has always been tight-lipped about his private life and is careful not to be caught by the paparazzi. But he has a 'son', Andox - an ox-inspired soft toy that he personally stitched together. Its image has been made into figurines and handphone straps to be given away with his new album.

Still, Andy was not shy to respond when asked by the Taiwanese media last week if he is a Superman in bed. He said nonchalantly: 'It depends on the other party. Different people have different needs, so it depends on who you're with.'

Singapore appearance:
Early next year. A little bird told us there are talks to import his upcoming concert tour, which starts in Hong Kong in September.

news from: The New Paper, Singapore