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| Thursday, July 26, 2007

Andy Lau was in Beijing yesterday to promote his latest Mandarin album - A Miracle World in a press conference. He performed the song "Yi" together with a dance with a female dancer, as they have intimate hugs and movement on the sofa, Andy even kissed the dancer, it send blood boiling.

When interviewed, Andy revealed that after his promotion in Taiwan, he returned to Hong Kong and he had only half a day to rehearse his dance before coming to Beijing. Andy quipped: "The dance step for 'Yi' is much difficult than normal fast songs, it need strength for every action, during the MTV shooting, I run out of strength until I dropped the female dancer onto the sofa and I fall on the floor, everyone was laughing at me."

Andy quipped that his first reminder to the female dancer is not to eat for the past few days, if she put on weight, he would not be able to carry her!

It was announced at the press conference that his singles - 'Mu Di' and 'Yi' become the champion song in music charts of Mainland China, the organiser than gave Andy a flute, Andy then expressed that he does not know how to play a flue but he hope that it would be come to good use in his concert in Mainland China.

It seems that Andy had slimmed down, when asked how he maintain his figure, Andy said: "Most importantly is that I have a few cruel crew members. After finishing shooting of Resurrection of the Dragon, I have put up some weight, the cruel crew members told me to lose some weight during the shooting of Superman music video, I was depressed upon hearing, I immediately control my diet and recover my figure."

The compere asked why Andy named the album - A Miracle World (Chinese title: Imaginary World of an Ox), he explained that he has affinity with Ox as other than his Chinese zodiac is ox, since young he think that ox is a kind animal, its world would be different, in Chinese culture, Ox is a significant animal which represent hardworking, reliable, contributing, face reality and other traditional virtues, all this should be passed down, these are values that would make the world a better place.

The reporters interview people on the streets to feedback on his album, among those interviewed was one foreigner whom exclaimed that he like the 7th song but unable to read the title of the song, actually the foreigner was referring to the environmental friendly song - 'Dong Tian Bu Xia Xue'. Andy said: "Actually many people have reminded to be environmental friendly, I also want to do my part, we really need to work hard together in order for human to live a better life."

This album also contain several imaginary ideas, a rock-song style Most Popular Male Singer has Eric Tsang's voice in the background, it made one feel that he's present in the award presentation ceremony. This song describe the mentality of the nominee, its lyrics contained some black humor. Andy also talked about the funny moment when collaborating with Eric.

On the press conference, a production VCR of the album was broadcast, there is a part named "I'm an Ox" which show Andox always by the side of Andy, it appear in the makeup room, shooting location and several performing venues, the cute expression of Andox accommodate the Spanish music in the background. Most comical that the subtitle stated starring Andox and guest appearance of superstar Andy Lau.

Andy seldom invite special guest in his press conference, this time round he invited a special guest and it was none other than Andox. When Andox appeared on the stage, Andy introduce it as "his son". This Andox also presented huge CD to it's "mummy".

Andox is also talented, just like his mother as Andox also perform the dance steps in the Superman music video. Andy quipped: "If he danced well, I will bring him along for my concert tour, if he does not dance well, I will punish him to stay at home to prefect his dancing skill." There was applause to Andox's dance performance, it seems that it would be following Andy to his concert tour. Andy also hold the hands of the giant balloon figure of Andox to sing his new song together.

news from: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com