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| Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recently, there is a plastic surgery craze in showbiz, some netizens created a survey on the "most beautiful nose" among the celebrities. Andy Lau and Michele Reis came out top!

Andy and Michele are recognized handsome and pretty, they came out number one in one of the most beautiful nose among celebrities survey initiated by netizens.

Andy's trademark eagle nose pipped Louis Koo, Alex Fong, Huang Xiaoming and Mike He Jun Xiang. Earlier Andy who was picked by netizens as the "most popular sperm donor" is once again praise by netizens, it seems that he's holding onto the number one handsome artist position. However, some netizens leave comments that Andy's eagle nose can be easily found on Europeans, these netizens also commented that Michele's face features is rather rough, her nose should be considered as large for a female angle. It seems each has their own standard on beauty.

Followed behind Michele are Gillian Chung, Kelly Chen, Cecilia Cheung, models Lin Chiling and Eunis Chan Ka Yung.

In addition, some netizens feedback that Jade Kwan's nose rather different since she entered showbiz. Annie Liu was also being mentioned that she had a scar on her nose which could be covered up by makeup.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News, Sina.com