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| Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Which celebrity could represent Hong Kong? CCTV International Channel recently held a selection of "Top 10 Hong Kong Celebrities that leave the deepest impression" with several other websites. Artiste Andy Lau came out top followed by Li Ka Shing and Jackie Chan. Being an artiste and able to represent Hong Kong before the famous businessmen Li Ka Shing, it would be an honor. However, some netizens are unhappy of the selection result.

The voting of the selection started in early June and a total of 3620 votes were collected. Andy garned 1155 votes which is 31.9% of the votes to gain the number one spot.

At number 2 is "Superman Li" Li Ka Shing who was ranked number 9 in Forbes 2007 World's Billionaires with a fortune of $23 billion. At number 3 is international film star Jackie Chan, other includes Mudull the Pineapple Bun Prince at number 6, Stephen Chow at number 7 and writer Jing Yong at number 10.

This public voting collected more than 3000 votes, the rules stated that this is only "an interesting survey and need not worry of the result", however people are unhappy of this result as it become the talk of the town, some literature speakers from Mainland China even stand out to discuss on the results. Some said that Andy is just an outstanding artiste whom sing, dance and act, hope whom it be possible to be "worship by billions"? Meanwhile, there is also online argument that Andy does not only represented as a Hong Kong artiste, he also has the element of hardworking and determination as he has the drawing power in the Chinese society, a representation of the spirit of Hong Kong. Some neutral netizens said that when showbiz, business world and politics are mixed together, there are bound to create problems.

Earlier at the 10th anniversary gala of Hong Kong hand-over to Mainland China, Chinese president Hu Jingtao had the longest handshake was the hot topic for discussion in the internet, many think that this contribute to him winning the number one spot in this selection. Some were unhappy that Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Alan Tam failed to make into the list as they are also influential Hong Kong artistes. Some Andy's fans stand out to claim that Andy does not matter of his position, this is "an argument for those whom had nothing to do".

The organizer came out and expressed: "The influential level of a celebrity can be form by many elements which includes fortune, popularity, contribution, drawing powers and many other elements, never expected it would create such an uproar." The organizer added that there is no limitation on who could vote, it seems that young voters casted the most votes thus the result.

In addition, due to the uproar of the selection, some website from Mainland China created another vote as they list out Andy Lau, Li Ka Shing, Jing Yong, Jackie Chan and Donald Tsang for all to select who they think best to represent Hong Kong. Among the 14,215 votes collected, Andy came out top with 6499 votes (45%), followed by Li Ka Shing and Jackie Chan.

The result of Top 10 Hong Kong Celebrities that leave the deepest impression

1. Andy Lau
2. Li Ka Shing
3. Jackie Chan
4. Dr. Henry Fok Yin-tung
5. Tung Chi-wah
6. Mudull the Pineapple Bun Prince
7. Stephen Chow
8. Donald Tsang
9. Other celebrities
10. Jing Yong

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sinchiew-i