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| Thursday, July 12, 2007

Taiwanese drama Corner * With Love would be telecast on Zhejiang TV station, leads Barbie Hsu and Alan Show Luo were interviewed as they talked about Andy Lau.

When asked about which actor that she wish to collaborate, Barbie chose Huang Xiaoming from Mainland China. Meanwhile, among the Hong Kong actors, she picked Andy Lau as she like his Return of the Condor Heroes.

Alan would like to collaborate with Andy in Protege, because he treat Andy as his learning model and he helped me once. He said: "Several years ago in an award presentation ceremony, Andy and another star was opening the champagne in-front while me and others were standing behind them, he looked at me and asked me to step forward. In the end, the next day's papers show photograph of me joining them to open the champagne." After quoting this example, Alan whom was suffering from flu added: "Maybe he had forget about this incident, indeed he did do a favour for me."

news from: Sina.com