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| Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It had been two years since Andy Lau released a Mandarin album, his latest Mandarin album - An Ox's Miracle World will be officially released throughout South-east Asia today.

He was interviewed by Commercial Radio yesterday to promote the new album. Andy expressed that he would held an autograph session at Kwun Tong's APM Mall at the end of the month, he would also have numerous promotional activities in Taiwan and Beijing.

The deejay Cha Xiaoxin gave him a card and a bottle of champagne which he opened to wish for good sales of his album.

Andy said: "This month I'll be busy promoting this album, I will be flying to Taiwan tomorrow, then Beijing before returning to Hong Kong for promotion at the end of the month, I plan to promote different song in different countries and perform different dances."

Andy said that he chosen different style of music for this album, among the songs "Cao Ren" (Superman), "Yi" (One) and "Mu Di" (Shepherd Flute) would have dance to accommodate them.

He wrote the lyrics of 5 songs in the album. To accommodate the fairytale theme of the album, Andy specially dye his hair light green color and wore green contact lenses for a gentle effect. He said: "Wanted to use colors to make me more gentle and flavors of fairytale, added to the new haircut and some photoshop effect to make the shadow into an ox, it also represent me."

Andy initially wanted to name the album An Ox's Life to reflect the changes that he had experienced in the past 2 years, take for example the song 'Dong Tian Bu Xia Xue' (It Doesn't Snow in Winter) to narrate the Global Warming issue, he read in the newspaper that the Eskimos are queuing up to buy refrigerator, the penguins start to worry where shall they stay, I feel that we should show more concern to earth.

He hope to express what is interesting in life, thus he decided to re-name the album as An Ox's Miracle World!

He also wrote another song titled 'Wo Shi Yi Zi Niu' (I'm an Ox), he said: "The song narrates how ox were treated in different countries, the Spanish and Japanese treat their ox very well, but they still end up being eaten!"

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Apple Daily News