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| Sunday, July 15, 2007

RTHK's Happy Daily has a segment titled "Chatting with a celebrity", the selected form 6 student picked Andy Lau to chat with her. The student quoted that her mother loves Andy as she always tell her that Andy is very hardworking and very determinded, after hearing too much about Andy from her mother, she began to like Andy too.

It was supposed to be a telephone chat between Andy and the student, however Andy decided to surprise her by appearing at the studio just a few minutes into the phone chat, this delights the student.

The student asked Andy how to think positively and having a target, Andy replied: "My target is to hope that people around me stay healthy, think positively is under the influence of my parents, anyway you must face any problems that you encountered bravely."

Earlier, Andy was the number one Top 10 Hong Kong Celebrity that leave the deepest impression in a survey organised by CCTV, Hong Kong businessman Li Ka Shing was second as Andy's vote was double the figure of the votes of Li Ka Shing. His song Chinese is also the number one spot for Top 10 Hong Kong songs that leave the deepest impression, however literature speakers were saying on the Internet that Andy does not have enough depth to represent Hong Kong. Andy said that he did take note of news releated to him on the Internet, he said: "Li Ka Shing is a low profile person. There is so many different surveys every year, maybe it would only reflect opinions from certain level of people. I just try to do the best as an artiste, maybe those in showbiz would be more familiarise with me. In recent years I spent most of my time location shooting in Mainland China, thus I gained more media exposure, but time will take its toll on impression, for the people whom are saying things whether I'm fit or not, let's wait for 5 or 10 years later, if people still picked me, this would prove for everybody to see."

The deejay asked if Andy surf the Internet everyday? Andy answered: "Everyday I would go online for 1-2 hours."

Andy whom sew his own sponge figure Andox was asked by the deejay to take a test on his sewing skills. Andy took the challenge and sew a alphabet "A" on a cloth with any difficulties, he said: "I really know how to sew."

In addition, a female fan whom wrote a letter for her soon-to-break-off boyfriend through the time capsule activity held in conjunction with his album A Better Day 5 years ago, 5 years later, the boyfriend was very touched after he read the letter as they patched things up and would be getting married soon, they're glad that Andy gave them such a "huge present".

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News