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| Thursday, July 12, 2007

On 18 July, Andy Lau would be releasing his latest Mandarin album - The Imaginary World of an Ox (literally translated) worldwide. This album contains elements from his friends, related matters from the society, world and his life in these few years. There are also different style of music in this album which includes love ballads, R&B, Spanish music and the highly difficult Compound Triple which he had never tried before.

When asked why the album is titled he Imaginary World of an Ox, Andy said that it's because he had an affinity with Ox, other than his Chinese zodiac being Ox, he also has a small sponge figure in Andox, he was invited to be the ambassador of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and happens that the mascot is also an ox. Being borne to a farmer family, since young he feel that the ox's eyes reveal a certain kind and warm spirit. He feel that from an ox's eyes, the world is beautiful and deeply believed that "being kind, wherever you go is heaven."

For the photo-shoot of the album's cover, Andy had a long discussion with the crew members and decided to use fairy tale color tone as its direction. For the warmth color tone, Andy had to spent 6 hours before the photo shoot to trim his hair and dye it to coffee brown, his clothes is also in the direction of warmth and fairy tale color. However it was difficult to find clothes of warmth and fairy tale color as fashion labels had been releasing black, white and gray color clothes, thus the image consultant had to spent a lot of time looking through Andy's clothing storage to find suitable clothes, several clothes that he never wore before were found as price tags were still on the clothes. The crew member quipped: "This image is sure a mixture of old with new!"

Andy said that there were props and realistic background during past photo-shoots, but this time round it required some imagination and computer effects enhancements, the space of the imaginary world is very huge. On the album's cover, Andy moves his hand with marbles, it gave one the feeling of childhood memories. The inner sleeves has photographs of Andy lying on the table of his classroom, with a tree in Jack and the Beanstalk beside, there's also Andy using his both hands to play shadow games, it's like entering the fairy tale imaginary world.

In addition, there is a song in the album that talk about Climate Change, thus in the photographs shows Andy standing with penguins whose icy mountain home had become a dry land; squatting to sew the world map to symbolize human destroy it and repairing it, so when can earth return to its original state? These photographs are also being made into postcards for fans to collect or send out to friends.

After the album is released on 18 July, Andy would start a series of promotional activities which includes appearing on TV, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Andy would also be holding three sing-autographs sessions in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan respectively.

One of the location that Andy would need his fans would be at the Taipei Maokong Gondola's Chih Nan Temple station on 20 July to promote his new song. The venue is normally filled with tourists, in addition to heavenly king singer coming to perform, surely it would be jam packed for that day.

In the later part of the year, Andy would be busy with his world concert tour, in addition to movie commitments, he would be so busy that crew members would need to make appointments in order to meet him.

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