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| Friday, July 13, 2007

Andy Lau was interviewed by a secondary student in a RTHK radio programme. Andy demostrate his sewing skills in the studio and when asked of his requirements for his other half, he expressed that she must not only be beautiful, she must be a Chinese.

Andy whom not only sing well, he's also well-verse in sewing as he demostrate his sewing skills, the fans present and deejay were shell shocked, Andy then quipped: "Since young, I always amend my own torn pants, because I'm lack of nutrients, I didn't manage to grow taller, thus I ahve to amend the clothes myself."

Other than showing off his sewing skills, he was also interviewed by students. The students asked him when would he get married, Andy whom always being low profile on his love life expressed that after being in showbiz for more than 20 years, it seems that he get to answer this question every year, his ideal partner must be pretty and must be a Chinese.

When asked about his song Chinese being voted in Mainland China to be the number one song that leave the deepest impression, a modest Andy expressed that getting the number one spot is just a representative of certain level of opinions but Chinese getting the number one, he quipped: "It sure get it!" When asked that some netizens were unhappy of the result, he said: "I just want to do my very best!"

Currently Andy is preparing for his September concert tour in Mainland China, his first stop is in Inner Mongolia. Meanwhile, next week he would be attending 3 autograph sessions, then he would be able to get close contact with Taiwanese fans.

news from: ETtoday, on.cc