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| Saturday, July 28, 2007

All 300 box sets of Andy Lau's designed figure Andox were snapped up during the recent Taipei International Toy Festival, banking on the commerical value of Andy, Mickey Huang manage to buy the distribution rights for the figure, he expressed: "I managed to obtain the distribution rights for Taipei, it would be launched on 21 August."

Andy whom brought along Andox whenever he went for promotions, tagging onto the popularity of Andy, Andox had become a popular product. Mickey expressed that Andox's production factory is in Singapore, concidentally he had collaborated with the Singapore factory before, thus this collaboration is described by Mickey as lucky, he also work hard to win the distribution rights.

Different from the previous limited box set release, this time round the Andox figure would be bigger, there will also be 200 limited edition T-shirts. Mickey explained that Andy would get 50 t-shirts, he and Taichung Toy Festival would be vying to sell the remaining 150 t-shirts. The pre-sale will begin in Taichung next month, Taipei area sole distributing rights belong to Mickey and will go on sale on 21 August in his good choice. Mickey revealed: "Estimated it to be sold out within 2 days, the popularity of Andy is unstoppable, his sale strategy for his figures had surpassed Wang Chien-Ming."

news from: udnNews