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| Friday, July 20, 2007

Andy Lau jet off to Taiwan yesterday to promote his latest Mandarin album - Miracle World for a 3-days promotional trip. More than hundred fans were waiting for him at the airport, close to hundred of media and reporters were also there to interview him, this jam-packed the airport and policemen were called to maintain order. One policeman quipped to the reporter: "The charisma of Andy is incredible, I didn't come out of the crowd by myself, I was pushed out by the fans."

Even though wearing a shirt with jean and wearing sunglasses, Andy still gives out charisma of a heavenly king. The fans waited for him with flowers, cameras and LED display boards.

Andy brought his sponge figure Andox along with him on the press conference, however Andox is no longer a small figure as it become a balloon figure of the same size as Andy whom hit Andox softly: "What happen! The cheer for you is louder than mine! You're more popular than me!" In order to get the limelight back, he immediately danced and sing a few songs from his new album. He was drenched with sweat after dancing that he lift up his t-shirt to show off his abdominal muscles.

Andy expressed that during the shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he was still plumb and fair, without any abdominal muscles, he was also worried that he could not re-discover his abdominal muscles, then he started to train after shooting ended as he only ate vegetable and white meat for 3 weeks, furthermore he also have dance rehearsal for his upcoming Mainland China concert tour. he managed to slim down at least 10 pounds and his abdominal muscles re-appeared again.

Being in showbiz for more than 20 years, Andy expressed that he's touched of his loyal die-hard fans. With the recent Korean craze, Rain arrived at the Taipei International Airport with huge number of fans waiting for him, it had been 2 years since Andy came to Taiwan to promote his album, the 200 Andy's fans does not want Andy to lose out as they went to welcome him even though some need to apply leave from work. Andy said: "They're worth my love. I've told them earlier they need not apply leave from work to welcome me, but they still appeared at the airport."

For this new album, Andy had followed the current trend by singing R&B which is totally different from his singing style. When talked about his new album, he is everyone's "superman", when asked if he's also "superman" during sex? He immediately burst into laughters and said: "Am I superman, this would depend who the other party! If we don't coordinate, being superman is useless." When asked who is the other party, he did not answer the question.

In addition, in the lyrics of his new song Most Popular Male Singer, he mentioned that Jolin Tsai has good spread legs ability, he would not deny that her performance is stunning as he never thought any Asian woman would perform this way as only European will do such performance, she combine exercise into dancing which is superb. When Jolin being told of Andy's praises, she exclaimed that she would work harder on new tricks.

In addition, when interviewed by Cha Xiaoxin recently, Andy used "continuous waves" to describe the first half of this year, facing sudden incidents like rumours, damages, negative news, he would not care, listen, maintain his silent and would not make any reply because he knew the more he explained would trigger more misunderstanding, thus he would only explain only once to the fans.

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