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| Thursday, July 19, 2007

Andy Lau normally had good results in Metro Guoyuli Awards, he was interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday and was presented one award in advance as the award presentation ceremony will only be held on 4 August. Metro which has conducted an online Hong Kong handover 10th anniversary special voting for its listeners, Andy came out top in 3 categories which are Hong Kong Music Industry Top 10 Composition: Chinese; 4 of his movies were picked in Film Industry Top 10 Representative Films, they are Needing You, Love On A Diet, Infernal Affairs and Running on Karma; and the number 1 for Top 10 Outstanding Artiste.

Andy exclaimed that he's delighted to have four of his movies being picked in the Film Industry Top 10 Representative Films, he feel that Needing You and Love On A Diet are very special as they have a relax theme and he hope he could be casted in more love stories movies. With the song Chinese, Andy won Hong Kong Music Industry Top 10 Composition, it was pointed out that this song is very successful and popular, even the Chinese president know the song. Andy said that he initially wanted to sing a song titled Hongkonger on the 10th anniversary celebration gala, but he yet to find a suitable lyrics, thus the song never get to be released, thus he would have to wait for the 15th anniversary.

Andy would set off to Taiwan today to promote his latest Mandarin album Miracle World, he would take Taipei Maokong Gondola during his four-days promotion. The Taipei Maokong Gondola malfunction when Ma Ying-jeou took the pilot ride, when asked if Andy is worried that it would also malfunction when he take the gondola, he pointed out that he will be there to promote the gondola, all system errors should be ironed out, same problem won't happen twice. When asked if he's worried of being in mid-air for 45 minutes? He quipped and asked everyone not to worry as he had prepared himself. When asked if he would have to do promotion on Hong Kong's Ngong Ping 360, he expressed that he would do it too, he believed that all public transport will get better.

When talked about his new song 'Zui Shou Huan Yin Nan Ge Shou' (Most Popular Male Singer), which narrates an award presentation ceremony. Andy said that Li Anxiu watched 10 years of award presentation ceremonies to write the song, there was one line which sing praise of Jolin Tsai's spread legs ability, Andy immediately clarify that he's not saying Jolin stepping on 2 boats at the same time (involved in 2 relationships at the same time) but rather referring to her flexibility and danced well. Meanwhile "dressed up pretty and sat among the audience throughout the night", it made one think that it was referring to Kelly Chen whom attend the ceremony and won nil awards, he quickly explained that he was describing himself and Hacken Lee who also dressed up when attending award presentation ceremony. Andy exclaimed that he's not afraid of backlash from other singers: "I'm only responsible for singing out the words of the lyricist, Li Anxiu only want to say out the state of an award presentation ceremony."

In addition, when talked about the shooting of his music video for 'Yi', his legs were aching after dancing, other than his leg aching, he kept turning around as he quipped that he was dizzy when he saw the female dancer. Andy whom had collaborated with so many pretty women, he was asked if any he had a crush on. He remembered there was once he was location shooting in Philippines, he managed to catch Rosamund Kwan whom didn't applied any makeup went swimming, she was really beautiful, Andy admitted that his heart skipped a beat. When asked why he didn't tried to woo Rosamund, he expressed: "Cannot."

When talked about his song 'Cao Ren' (Superman), he pointed out that the song was to describe how one should love their own girlfriend, a man should be able to do everything for his girlfriend, in the real life, Andy feel that it's impossible as he request his girlfriend to love him more than he love her, it could be 100 times more, he feel that it's better to be loved than loving someone.

After saying, Andy added that he requested his girlfriend to love him 100 times more than he loved her is just a joke, because if there is someone who love him so crazily, it would be huge pressure on him, thus he would rather love people more. When asked if he had considered getting married, he didn't deny that he would like to. When asked when would he get married, he said that it would depend on the timing, he would surely get married, but he could only tell everyone that the time is not right at the moment as in his thinking, wedding is just giving status to his lover.

news from: Ta Kung Po, SingTao News, Sun News, Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po