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| Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Recently Andy Lau is very busy for his concert tour in Mainland China, even his "son" Andox also expressed that it has since a long time that it had see his "mother".

Earlier, Andox appeared in Andy's blog again as it went to peek at Andy rehearsing for his concert, but instead he was being forced by Andy to walk on sharp stones. Andy expressed that if Andox wants to become the special guest of his concerts, it would need to learn how to walk a colorful diamond path, as the stones are very sharp which make it difficult for Andox to walk but Andy said: "It's always difficult behind all the glamour, if you can't walk this path, you can quit the thoughts of become a star."

Although Andox follow Andy's instruction to walk the stone path, but he leave some words for Andy, it said: "I'm not afraid of waling the stone path, because I know when my foot is torn, you will still help me to sew it up."

Andox is indeed mischievous.

news from: Sina.com
pictures from: http://forum.awc618.com/