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| Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Last week, Jet Li and director Peter Chan meet up to do some touch up to the dubbing post production for The Warlords. However the film distributor prepared to use a "voice double" for another of the film's mega-star Andy Lau.

The film is rushing through its post production to meet the Oscar submission date at the end of September, the rough cut had been completed. With regards to whether Andy Lau would appear in the film with his own voice, it's still being discussed, the reason being that Andy's voice was being dubbed in World Without Thieves and House of the Flying Dagger previously by a professional dubber whose voice is very similar to Andy's voice, the dubbing is also well-received by all, for safety reason this dubber is hired.

However, Peter expressed: "The acting of Andy this time round is considered as different, can be said a breakthrough, I'm afraid that the dubber would not be able to coordinate with such huge changes and breakthrough. We're still discussing with the film distributor, I'll maintain my stand."

news from: Sina.com