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| Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brothers which is invested by Andy Lau will open in the cinema next Thursday (18 October 2007), Andy and Lam Ka Tung were interviewed by Commercial Radio earlier to promote the film. This is the second time that the two collaborated as buddies in the police force after Infernal Affairs, the deejay asked how Andy looked at the two words 'hei dai' (brothers), he said: "In real life, I also treated Ka Tung as my brother, as brother we shall not be too calculative, or people will start thinking that you claimed yourself to be brothers, talked about the pros and less sweet words, so which one would you like to listen?"

Andy exclaimed that he get involved with brothers deeply in the past, too involved that he does not know how to redraw himself even he got hurt, but now he had grew up, he had learn how to redraw himself and not turn back.

With regards to allegations that Tony Leung is not on good terms with the other 4 TVB Tigers, Andy said: "I believed Tony will understand, he would know in showbiz, what is allegation all about." He added that he would not explain the allegation to Tony as he is very understanding, if he would to explain to Tony, it would be like a "humiliation" to him, he and Tony are good friends but seldom get in contact, Tony might find it strange if Andy called him as they seldom call each other.

When asked if he had watched Tony's Lust, Caution, Andy said: "I've watched it, but it won't be impossible for me to be as daring as Tony as what he did in the sex scenes in the film, I really cannot believe that when accepting the film offer he was told of the daring scenes, he could have accept to do the scenes as he was too deeply into the character after the shootings. I've asked myself, if I know there would be such daring scene, I would reject it, I've never think that I would take up the role of Mr. Yee, Tony is impressive!"

With regards to the news that internal booking for his Hong Kong December concerts is fully booked, when asked if there would be additional shows, he said: "We're still considering, we will announce when we decided how many shows we are going to add."

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao