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| Monday, October 08, 2007

Andy Lau and Lam Ka Tung collaborated as great partners-detectives in the new film Brothers again.

Although Andy is only making a cameo but when the director gave him more scenes as during shooting he was around in Hong Kong thus he was shown as a policeman whom can't stop eating because in the scenes he appeared, he either has a meal box, sandwiches and lollipop with him.

With regards to this, Andy said: "As I was holding onto the meal box throughout the shooting, during breaks I would discover a new meal box for me to eat, during the period of shooting, I was trying very hard to keep fit for my upcoming concerts, I told the director that if I'm unable to lose weight and keep fit, all questions will be posted to him."

Meanwhile, Lam is a nosy policeman in the film, there was one scene where he discuss allegations with Andy, Lam cause all presented in the studio to burst into laughters, he was later tagged as a nosy parker by everyone.

news from: Oriental Daily News