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| Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The temperature in Harbin kept dropping and it's unlikely to change, although it's a clear day at evening time, the temperature is still between minus 3 - 4 degree Celsius, as Andy Lau's concert is staged at an open-air stadium, thus the temperature is much colder when compared to the city.

Despite the cold wind blowing, Andy still endure with the 50,000 - 60,000 audience's enthusiasm behind him, it was so cold that his hands and legs become numb, having a runny nose and tearing, it was so cold that in the end his mouth is numb, he still have to carry on singing.

Andy was touched by the audience till he cried as he said to them: "You're the best, No.1 in China!"

On the day of Andy's concert in Harbin, all the audience wore thick clothings. Meanwhile, Andy wore thin clothings on the stage as the crew members bought thermal bags for Andy to keep warmth, it's a pity that his costume is really too thin as the shape of the thermal bags will show if he attached to his costume, thus he had to give the thermal bags a miss.

Andy went onto the stage as per normal, after singing 2 songs, his nose already turned red after being blown by the wind, his hands and legs starting to feel numb and painful. The enthusiasm of the Harbin audience shook the whole area within the stadium, Andy said on stage: "No matter how cold it is, even I would fall sick after tonight, it's worth to perform for you! Because of all of you, because of your enthusiasm, it keep me warm no matter how cold it is, it gives me the motivation to carry on ... you are the best audience!"

For the whole night, the thickest costume of Andy is the one that he wore when hanging in mid-air as he could add another coat, however when he was in mid-air, the sky begins to have some snow.

He said: "I'm not sure if this is rain or snow, high above the sky with some white hitting onto my face... haha, I'm so cold that I've no feelings, the hands and legs won't listen to me, especially my hand which is swollen and painful. It's useless if I kept rubbing my hands, it's kinda frozen. Whenever I went backstage to change my costume, the crew members would gave me ginger tea to drink.

Even the band member's hands and legs are frozen till they went out of tune, I only remember when I was singing 'Zhen Yong Yuan', I have no voice to sing, because area near my mouth is so cold that it's numbed."

After the concert, Andy was delighted of a present from a fan. After he had a hot bath in his hotel room, Andy open the presents from fan, initially he thought it was a cloth soft toy, never expected that it's the local special super huge bread, upon seeing the bread, Andy can't help but burst into laughters as he immediately take a photograph as remembrance. After his first experience of eating a giant bread, he quipped: "Maybe the fan feel that I'm too thin, thus gave such a huge bread to me as present, haha!" Andy share the bread with his crew members.

Andy whom once said that he would not cry during his concert cried again, he said: "After hearing the cheers, I'm very touched. So many people adore me, I could not thanks each of them, thus every time I go on concert tour, I would tell them that I've arrive, one of my aim of doing concert tour is to see all of you, to say thank you personally. And for those whom failed to get themselves a ticket, I hope that after reading the news article, they would also know that Andy Lau thanked them, thanked them for accompanying me all these years and fulfilled my dream."

news from: Sina.com