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| Monday, October 01, 2007

Brothers is a collaboration of four of TVB 5 Tigers after 20 years, its cast includes Eason Chan, Wang Zhiwen and Lam Ka Tung joining the tigers. The 4 tigers are good and villain characters in the movie, Andy and Lam Ka Tung are policeman while Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Kent Tong are triad bosses.

The film has location shooting in Beijing, Hong Kong and Thailand. Initially during shooting, it was mistaken to be adapted from author Uh Wai's book of the same name, however both are not related. Uh Wai's Brothers is a story that happened at the northern part of China, talking about before and after cultural revolution, meanwhile the film Brothers is about the story of police and triad before and after the handover in 2007. To avoid any misunderstanding, the movie company decided to suggest a name change to Brothers: Alive and Die Together (literally translated).

The film has successfully passed the film board and the screening dates will be announced after National Day.

news from: Sina.com