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| Monday, September 24, 2007

Andy Lau and Jet Li collaborated in The Warlords, it was alleged that when Jet was filming the sworn brother ceremony, it was revealed that Jet is indeed illiterate, meanwhile Andy gave coaching to Jet for 45 minutes each day, thus sort of becoming his teacher. Yesterday, Andy made some clarification to the "illiterate Jet Li" allegation, he pointed out that director Peter Chan scolded them don't know how to read the words as "illiterate" thus creating such a beautiful misunderstanding.

Andy said that the script in The Warlord is very hard to memorize thus always said the wrong words during shooting, director Peter Chan then quipped that they are "illiterate" as no matter they always said the wrong words, never expected that the joke would become a misunderstanding. Andy praise Jet as a person well verse in language and martial arts, he read a lot and good in martial arts, he's a very knowledgeable person, can communicate well in English and Mandarin, he also read many books on Buddhism, he's should be considered as the modern martial arts scholar. Andy said that maybe Jet kept training his martial arts when young but does self reading to improve himself, he's a role model for the young.

Earlier, Andy was having his concert tour at Wenzhou, he was informed of the coming typhoon when he touched down, the location of his hotel is considered a danger area. The hotel staff informed its guests around midnight to ask them to shift to a safer location, but Andy's crew members refuse to leave as they need to look after the concert's equipments.

The hotel wanted them to sign a declaration form before allowing them to stay behind. Andy was very touched when told that his crew members wanted to look after the equipments even facing death, he said that success of a concert is not an individual's reward. He said: "An artist's success does not own it to his personal hard work, he also need the support of his crew members, many thanks to them for not afraid of the thunderstorm and stand by my side."

Due to the thunderstorm, Andy had prepared the worst of cancellation of his concert, luckily it was a fair and clear weather on the day of the concert because he had a praying ceremony during the afternoon's rehearsal and the rain began to stop. Andy sighed: "Really a big thank you, I've nothing much to say but just many thanks heaven for giving me such a beautiful night."

Andy successfully completed the performances in Wenzhou and Changchun. He is now on his way back to Hong Kong to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with his parents and celebrating his 46th birthday!

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Sina.com