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| Friday, September 21, 2007

It would be crowded on the TV screen for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival as on 24 September, the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 9th Asia Art Festival gala show will be held in Jiangsu. Mega-stars like Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jackie Chan, Rain, ShinHwa, Hideki Saijo and many other heavenly status actors and singers from Mainland China, Japan, Korea will gather at this gala show.

Ever since Andy and Tony wore the costume of The Duke of the Mount Deer and performed together on stage by singing a duet, they had never sing together again. From the reporter's understanding, when told that Andy had agreed to perform, Tony make no hesitation by agreeing to perform too as they would be duet the theme song of the film - Infernal Affairs.

Earlier, Andy had gathered the 3 tigers from TVB 5 Tigers to collaborate in a new film - Brothers but with the absence of Tony, it caused the media to allege that both of them are not on good terms, but Tony used his actions to perform in this gala to smash all allegations.

news from: Sina.com