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| Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Andy Lau, Twins and Eric Kot became the three most self esteem artistes among youngsters in a recent "Most Self Esteem Artist" selection. Andy Lau came in first, Twins at second and Eric Kot at third. This survey is organized by Dove Self Esteem Fund and conducted the survey with 500 students and Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association Limited.

Andy is the successful man role model of many Hongkongers, several of those whom are interviewed aren't his fans but it's undeniable that Andy's self esteem is revealed naturally. Andy's self esteem doesn't just include his appearance but his determination to his work. With regards to being picked as the most self esteem artist, Andy thanks the students' support as he thinks that self esteem does not comes from one's appearance but from one inner heart.

news from: Ming Pao