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| Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Andy Lau gathered Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Lam Ka Tong and Eason Chan to collaborate in the film - Brothers. As all of them are busy, the movie company is under pressure to gather all of them for promotion of the film. During the day of shooting the poster, it become a "catching up with each other session". All of them thanks the movie company for giving them this chance.

Recently there was a un-edited few minutes clip of the film in the Internet, it shows a bloodied Andy lying on the street as his blood flows like a river. The subtitles then remind not to trust people by your side, it seems to create some atmosphere for the film.

The film's theme song is composed by Andy while the music written by Eason and both of them will duet for the song. Andy expressed that he's involved in this film is kinda of affinity as all of them are very much involved during shooting, affecting each other's feeling, thus he still remembers clearly the shooting process.

Andy said: "The director gave me a huge space to develop, the shooting is like the title of the film, everyone are like brothers, everybody put in their best during shooting." After shooting completed, Andy praises: "Director Derek Chiu Shung Gei used a new angle to shoot this heroic film, it's deep, everyone thought that they could change and do good deeds, but no matter how hard they tried, this world cannot be changed."

In addition, Andy whom had return to Hong Kong after his concerts in China will be joining Eason and Michael in the Brothers music video premiere ceremony.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, MingPao