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| Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For the more than 10 shows of Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour, up till now, wherever he went or going could not deter the "heavenly king storm". For last week's concert at Nanjing, several fans climb onto trees or dashed through the barricade to catch the "king's performance", thus resulting in lost of crowd control.

Meanwhile for October 27's Shanghai concert, the tickets were sold out in August. After considering that one show would not be enough to satisfy the fans' love, the organizer had announced that they would be adding another show, within a few days, tickets for the additional show had sold around 70%. From the understanding of the Shanghai organizer, tickets for Andy's October 27 concert will go on sale on 15 August, within a space of 15 days, all the tickets which ranged from $120 - $1680 had been sold. Other than fans from Shanghai, fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Japan, America, Canada and other countries had called in to book their tickets. As one show could not satisfy the fans' high enthusiasm, the organizer than announced that they would be adding an additional show, thus Andy would be performing in Shanghai Eighty-Thousand-Seated Stadium for 2 nights on 27 and 28 October. The additional night had been 70% sold whereas the first show is a sold out.

When told of the news of an additional show, Andy appeared excited as he would prepare a surprise for Shanghai's fans. On 27 September, Andy would be celebrating his birthday, colliding with the golden weekends, the tour will stop for 2 weeks. Andy could seize the chance to take a rest. Andy expressed through the organizer that he's in a stage of pink health. After his birthday and long holiday, he would present a more perfect performance for the fans.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sina.com