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| Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today is Andy Lau's 46th birthday, he attended a public appearance activity at tmt Plaza where hundreds of citizens sang the birthday song to celebrate his birthday in advance, it was a warmth feeling as he was given two birthday cakes where he played with Michael Miu and Eason Chan as they relived their childhood. Andy then exclaimed that he's worried of his mother's illness.

Recently, Andy was busy with his concert tour in China but he attended the music video of Brothers theme song premiere with Michael and Eason yesterday. Due to the fault in the sound system, Andy and Eason decided to sing without music and won applause from those present.

The 3 of them played games with the fans whom also brought along mooncakes, birthday cakes and flowers to celebrate Andy's birthday in advance, it resulted in a "jealously war" thus 3 of them had cakes on their face.

When talked about his birthday wish, Andy expressed: "Remain young, handsome and a healthy body. (Do you have any celebration planned?) Nope, tonight I'll go online to talked about my birthday with netizens."

Andy revealed that his mother was admitted to hospital for checkup due to high blood pressure earlier, he was so worried as he wasn't in Hong Kong, he said: "Actually she suffered this 2 months ago, she was discharged from hospital 2 days ago, we took vegetarian food, I don't allow her to take rice, I'm scared that she suffering from diabetes."

When asked about Jacky Cheung being blacklisted by the Philippines embassy as he had engaged and changed a total of 21 Filipino maids within a space of 3 years, Andy expressed that he's unsure of the actual facts thus he would not make any comments. Andy added: "For me, my father hired an Indonesian maid, the communication between employer and maid is very important. Hiring a maid need trust for the employer as we must be sure that they won't be up to any funny business. Sometimes, it's affinity. However, I'm not so sure about the situation that Jacky is facing, it's difficult to comment on it."

In between Andy "exposed" Michael of have a second wife, when asked what birthday present would he give Andy, he said: "I would give him a bowling ball that would always strike, it would prevent him from black faced when his ball 'wash' the drain. But the bowling ball company informed me that there are no such products. When he lose to me during a bowling game, he would be black faced as he rightfully lose to me, then he angrily go and foot the bill. (Andy said that you have a second wife?) How could it possible to be two wives, I can't count with my 10 fingers. (Introduce female to Andy?) He doesn't need it, some many females were looking at him just now!"

Eason revealed that Andy show a lot of attention to him during shooting and quipped that to be able to collaborate with the 4 TVB Tigers is like dreaming as he grow up watching their drama serials, he said: "Still got the chance to duet with Andy, we did wrote a song together 2 years ago, but it was sang by Gallen Lo."

news from: Oriental Daily News, SingTao News, MingPao