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| Sunday, September 16, 2007

Currently Andy Lau was busy with his concert tour in Mainland China. During his stop at Nanjing, he was being referred by the local media to be plying his mega-star status and made many requests. With regards to this, Andy still take some time off to share about this matter with his fans, he pointed out that in real life there is many different kind of trainings, one should learn how to face them. When interviewed through the telephone, he said that everyone does not know what actually happen, believed the local reporters just knew a little of the matter and does cause this misunderstanding.

Andy, whom also being praise for his good working attitude, he was recently been tagged by Mainland China reporters that during his Nanjing concert, he plied his mega-star status as he absent himself from the rehearsals.

With regards to such allegations, normally Andy would not answer them but last night he wrote a personal blog post titled "trainings", he wrote: "Family members, how are you feeling? The world is full with lots of different trainings, we must know how to face them, nobody could achieve the 100 marks in everybody's heart! Every person could only in their own recognized area and express their comments about people and things, what they hear and see, because it's not complete, thus there is a bit off, that's nothing, please don't waste time to discuss on this matter, I already know that you would be worry about my feelings, correct. It will affect me in the past, now it won't! I've seen through it! Just like Andox's uncle, there's always an area for me to develop, but after reading family members' comments, I have something to say, don't blame them and not angry about Nanjing."

In addition, the report alleged that Andy requested a grand makeup room at the backstage area, Andy then specially took some photographs as evidence, the so-called grand makeup room is just a simple and lousy tent, the truth of the allegation is out. During a long-distance telephone interview, Andy expressed that he's not angry of the allegation, he said: "I'm not angry, everybody know that this is not true, I think the local reporters only know a little of the matter then resulted in this misunderstanding, the media of Nanjing treated me very well, there are huge wordings to sing praise of my good and successful concert, the response from the audience is also good, it's unforgettable for me."

It seems that Andy had lost weight, he admitted that he indeed lost some weight as after singing the first 3 songs in the concert, he would be drenched in sweat and need to change his costume.

After than changing his soaked costume, the makeup artiste also need to touch up the makeup for him, because after 3 minutes the sweat would melt the makeup. Andy exclaimed that he need not starve himself in recent days as he had 3 meals everyday, because the stage is huge, he would digest his food after running 2 rounds. He also tried to eat more as he hope that his weight would drop anymore.

news from: Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News