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| Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The race for Andy Lau's concert had already started. Andy's concerts will be held in December, up till today the number of shows are not announced yet but there is already news of being "locked" at the start of August, so called "locked" means that no internal sales will be accepted.

It was known that Hong Kong Coliseum is fully booked, Andy could only staged 10 or 11 shows, the capacity of the Coliseum is 10,1000, a total of 12,000 tickets, why without any promotion and it would be hard to buy a ticket? This leads to the tickets that Andy had reserved is not enough for his family members?

The main reason is that the sponsor had obtained the large number of tickets for exchange and public sales, on the other side, it was alleged that Andy will be staging his concert during year end, internal had start booking the tickets, due to the limited tickets for internal sales had exceeded, thus it's "locked".

In the past, Andy's crew members also need to queue up at the ticket booth in order to fulfill all parties' requirement, this year is no exception, everybody can buy a maximum of 10 tickets, looking at the situation, Andy's crew members need to queue at least twice for their tickets.

The hot sales of Andy's tickets is because they had waited for 3 years, many fans supported every show, in addition to many fans came from Mainland China to support their idol, many Hongkongers also used Andy's concert tickets as present, thus one won't get to buy a ticket even one afford the price.

The message from the audience is clear, everyone witness Andy's hard work, he kept learning new things, this is why he still stand tall in showbiz after more than 20 years.

He had done his homework, a year before his concert, he had already started thinking of the content of his concert, he revealed that he would be performing magic in his concerts, he purchased copyright from the American, he had new ideas this year, he's not satisfied of his ideas.

There are many artistes whom did a lot and would announced to the public how tough on them, it's like the audience pointing a gun forcing him/her, the audience is unhappy as it seems unprofessional.

For Andy, he enjoy the hardship, master this would not make him feel pressurize and need to de-stress, instead it gave him an excuse to do things that he should not do.

news from: Wei Wen Po