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| Monday, December 10, 2007

Andy Lau brought his "wife" Xu Jinglei and made an appearance at Orchard Road, more than 1,000 onlookers in order to catch a glimpse of Andy for 5 minutes, the fans were willing to wait for 5 hours under the heavy downpour!

The premiere of The Warlords was held at Orchard Road Lido Cineplex last night, Andy Lau and his "wife" Xu Jinglei were in Singapore to promote the movie.

With a production fees of $40 million, another large amount of money was spend to promote the movie as last week more than 100 people were hired to wear ancient Chinese soldier uniform to "conquer" Orchard Road. Last night, "leader" Andy brought "his wife" into Singapore. With many onlookers, both of them walked onto the red carpet at the cineplex. Local crew members open the way for them while 6-7 securities dressed in black protecting them, following behind them were 7-8 crew members dressed in ancient Chinese soldier uniform standing guard at their designated positions. With such grand arrangement, it can fit Andy's heavenly king superstar status!

From all can see, all onlookers came for Andy as his every movements did not miss the sight of the onlookers. Maybe the fans had been waiting a long time for him, the screams and cheers were loud as ear deafening cheers of "wah zai, wah zai" kept sounding off.

In order to catch a glimpse of their idol, the fans had done their homework as they brought along eye catching posters and cardboards. The local Andy World Club also sent out members of all age group to get a good position as early as 4PM. It's a pity that Andy and Xu Jinglei only stayed for a mere 5 minutes. Waiting for 5 hours and catch Andy for 5 minutes, when asked if it's worth it, female fan Teresa shouted out: "Of course worth it!"

After making an appearing at the lobby hall, Andy and Xu Jinglei made their way into the 3 cinemas to crack some jokes. Andy quipped: "In the movie, Xu Jinglei and Jet Li had an affair, in real life, she can look for Takeshi Kaneshiro, we're not available!" Later he was not willing to give away his "wife" as he added: "A few months ago I then knew that she knew calligraphy, so we're the most compatible! (So you still intend to give your wife away?) The person I love, if only I can find true love will do... but to me, she still love me."

From what can be seen, Andy show a lot of concern for Xu Jinglei. In fear that he snatch all the limelight away, he throw the "ball" to her and sit at the side by himself to allow the host Dennis Chew and Xu Jinglei to handle the whole event.

In the press conference for The Warlords, Andy show care and concern to Xu Jinglei as he always gave her the chance to speak. During the interview, Andy revealed that during the shooting of The Warlords, he did suggested to director Peter Chan to allow him to become a gangster that had affairs with women wherever he goes in order to explain why his wife Xu Jinglei had an affair with Jet Li. However the director rejected his suggestion, the reason might be due to his healthy image all these years thus the rejection is to protect his image.

Andy said in a full of envy tone: "Unlike Tony Leung Chiu Wai, he's the lover in many people's heart." Tony whom bare all in Lust, Caution which shocked the entertainment scene. When asked if Andy would act in his birthday suit? Andy replied seriously: "I don't dare to strip." When asked by reporters why he does not dare. He replied: "Don't dare is don't dare, because I'm born with an inability." When the reporters appeared puzzled, Andy pointed to his brain and said: "I'm talking about here, there's a barrier here!" Then, he burst into laughter and said: "Don't think otherwise."

news from: zaobao, ChinaPress