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| Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On 9 December, after the promotion in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, bandit leader Andy Lau and his screen wife Xu Jinglei made their way to Singapore for another round of promotion of the film. With their arrival, it created a "warlords" craze. Other than the fans of both of them rushed to the press conference and premiere to show them their support. The local Lianhe Zaobao, MediaCorp News and many main stream media were also present to report the event, the event can be comparable to those held in Shanghai and Beijing.

Other than the excellent chemistry in the film, Andy and Xu Jinglei also showed chemistry outside the screen as they hugged each other's waist while taking photographs and also communicate with each other rather often, even when replying the media's questions, Andy also show care and concern to Xu Jinglei, it made one think if their love really blossom because of the film.

When asked how she rate the 3 actors, Xu Jinglei said that Jet Li is intelligent, Takeshi Kaneshiro is handsome and Andy is both handsome and intelligent, he also treat people well, of course he's the perfect choice as lover.

She was then asked among the 3 actors whom would he pick as boyfriend, the audience kept shouting the name of Andy, it seems that the fans are pretty satisfied of Xu Jinglei as Andy's wife. Lastly, a shy Xu Jinglei said: "Ok." Upon hearing, the audience then let the matter to rest.

news from: Sina.com