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| Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Husband and wife" Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei arrived at 2 different timing as Xu Jinglei arrived at 4:40am on MU453 to Singapore while Andy arrived around 5:15am on SQ853, it a difference of 35 minutes. The reason given for two different flights to Singapore was unable to book the tickets for the same flight.

Although the details of their flight was not revealed, but Andy's fans still got the wind of it as they were at the airport to wait for their idol. Although it's not yet day break, but when Andy appeared at the airport dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, a large group of fans with "panda eyes" were waiting for him which gave him a fright! Despite carrying a tired face, Andy was still smiling! The long and tough wait for the idol all disappear with Andy's appearance! When 100 Singapore fans saw Andy, they all greeted him with cheers of "big brother"!

Andy seldom come to Singapore, the movie company did not lax as they arranged 10 security guards for Andy. It was known that the movie company initially wanted to arrange a meet the fans session at Changi Airport but due to the early flight, the idea was re-drawn.

Andy whom was careful of his diet was asked by the crew member what he wanted to eat and he said that he wanted to eat sotong you tiao and for lunch he would like less oil Chicken Rice.

The pair stayed at 6-star Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore which cost 4-figure amount a night! The promotion of The Warlords had been non-stop, it started from Beijing to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore followed by Thailand then Hong Kong.

news from: ChinaPress, Zaobao