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| Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Warlords will open in cinemas throughout the island soon, the two leads Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei came to Singapore to promote the movie. Andy revealed that to fulfill the Jet Li's first time, he gave him the elder brother role.

This war film is directed by love films expert Peter Chan, it was tagged as the year's most worth watching movie, the 4 leading cast of the film is also the talking point of the media. During the interview, Andy revealed that before Jet confirm to accept to be cast in the film, he was given the elder brother role.

Andy said: "He(Jet Li) had never acted such roles, then we thought that actually he would also be suitable for this role, we later decided to give him this role. Then I discussed with the director how we can accommodate if I take up the second brother role in order for everyone to feel that he's the elder brother."

Andy cried several times in the film, he was also being moved by the realistic and cruel war battles. "We gave everyone a very realistic cruelty, during the process of shooting, Peter Chan hope to use real horses, real knocking and real swords, I feel that it's very dangerous.

There are media reports that the 3 male leads are fighting for screen time in the film, Andy expressed that this is an area that he could not consider as there are commerical elements involved and how the story goes but he still support the arrangement of director.

Meanwhile Xu Jing Lei whom was popular in Mainland China's Internet, she's also an actress and director thinks that actually that the movie is more violent, it would bring out the message of peace. She express: "Actually it's a hope for peace and anti-war film, although there are many violent scenes, actually it's saying war is very cruel, we does not need war."

The two of them will attend the film's premiere at night and the film will officially open in the cinemas on 13 December.

news from: xin.sg