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| Saturday, December 29, 2007

As The Warlords had been doing well in the box office, the green wood hero Zhao Er Hu portrayal by Andy Lau had won wide recognition from movie buffs, it's said that his acting had improved once again, when interviewd, he seize the chance to promote his latest movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he said: "Zhao Er Hu is just a green wood hero, to watch me must watch me as Zhao Yun, there's the complete hero with wits and skills!"

Andy whom was currently busy with his Hong Kong concerts expressed that both singing and acting is his favorite as he can't bare to give up either one, thus he rather busy throughout the year, after shooting movies, he need to record album and do his concerts, although it's tough but he's delighted to be able to do the things that he like. In recent years, not only his singing had improved, his acting had won recognition from many people, from Battle of Wits to Protege, because of his exciting performance and influence, not had done well in the box office, for The Warlords it can be said that it's another major leap for his acting. Andy expressed that he was not happy when he heard that people was saying that he can't act well, then he work harder for his next movie in hope to win the recognition of the audience, now many people had changed their views, the hard work that he put in all these years is not wasted.

The Warlords had been the box office champion in Mainland China and other South East Asia's countries, his Zhao Er Hu had won the praise of audience and media which delights Andy as he expressed that Zhao Er Hu is just a green wood hero because he's simple and direct, he said: "Although it's not perfect, but he's very cute, if you want to see a perfect hero, then you will have to wait till April 2008 to watch my new movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon."

When talked about Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy expressed that in the world of the three kingdom, Zhao Yun is undisputed the most perfect general as he also have some similarity to Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun always risked his life to save his master, his own showbiz career is also gone through many twist and turns; Zhao Yun is a handsome hero, he also stand out with his looks; both himself and Zhao Yun are "people whom live for others". With these, Andy agreed to take up the role of Zhao Yun, he had done his homework as he photocopied those pages in Romance of The Three Kingdom where Zhao Yun appeared, he bind them into a book as he brought it along during shooting to read. "During the shooting in Hebei for a few months, this book was flipped by me till it's wither!" When talked about Zhao Yun in Three Kingdom, it's all at his fingertips, Andy quipped that he could appear in a talk show to talk about Zhao Yun.

With regards to Zhao Yun, Andy had a special understanding. He thinks that Zhao Yun is China's traditional hero role model. Andy said: "I think Zhao Yun battles need not more explain as everybody know about it, he also has a perfect character." For a better understand of Zhao Yun, through his friends he help from teachers and obtain a view point: "If you study Zhang Fei, you will look on martial arts when looked at Zhao Yun, you will not have a true understanding of Zhao Yun. In the history of the three kingdom, Zhao Yun don't only go to war, he also has intelligent, he's a general whom know about politics. He always look at the benefit on the whole when considering a problem, he also maintain his own view point, he's brave and have a plan on his own, it can be said that Zhao Yun is a talented general with perfect character! The teacher has the same view point as me, thus Zhao Yun is always the perfect hero that I wanted to portrayal."

It is understand that Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon which has a cast of Andy, Maggie Q, Sumo Hung and Vanness Ng, directed by Daniel Lee will open in the cinema in Mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia countries in April 2008.

news from: Sina.com, yule.sohu.com