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| Friday, December 28, 2007

In this Christmas holidays, Peter Chan's The Warlords had been leading the way as after 2 weeks of screening, the box office taking had exceeded $20.36 million, I Am Legend which premiere on the same day only managed to collect $18 million which is considered not bad as Pang Ho Cheung's Trivial Matters only managed to collect $2.2 million after one week of screening.

Meanwhile, Protege was ranked number 2 for 2007 Top 10 Mandarin Film Box Office Chart as it collected $26.53 millions after 37 days of screening, The Warlords at number 2 with $17.03 million collected after 12 days of screening, Battle of Wits at number 6 with $16 million collected after 42 days of screening and Brothers at number with $11.25 million collected after 42 days of screening. Meanwhile, Protege made it into number 7 for the Top 10 Box Office Charts with $26.53 collected after 37 days of screening.

news from: Apple Daily News, yule.sohu.com