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| Thursday, January 10, 2008

According to Hong Kong's Next Magazine, in last Saturday's final night of Andy Lau's Hong Kong concerts, a surprise person being spotted, it's none other than the alleged Mrs. Lau Carol Zhu Liqian, it seems that she had came to public from the background, but Andy still denied that he's married.

According to Next Magazine, 46 years old Andy had been together with Malaysian Carol for 23 years, it's an open secret, it alleged that they got married secretly in Canada in 1992, borne a daughter in 1996, but all these years, Andy would not talk much about his love life, even when the recent reports that he and Carol joint name to donate money to a temple, he still gave the answer: "I'm not married."

The magazine has photographs as evidence to show that on 5 January 41-years-old Carol accompanied by Andy's friends was sitting among the audience, she appeared to put on weight, she had a pony-tail and wore a black rims glasses, she looked fresh despite not putting any makeup, she's just the same as other fans as she raise her light-sticks high, when she discover reporters, she made a sudden exit. Hong Kong magazine predicted that it was reported that Carol wished for a son last year in Malaysia, Andy also donated money to the temple for many years, with Carol's face looking more rounded that the past, in addition to Andy's announcement that he would be on holiday till September, it makes one wonder if they're expecting a son soon.

Andy's Taiwan manager express that Carol was not present on 5 January thus there's no need to answer to the allegation of Next Magazine, she said: "Andy had said many times, he thank the concern of everybody, but he's not married, he's very happy doing concerts, this is it, he won't answer such questions."

All these years, although Carol was hardly sighted, but she was photographed by media several times slipping into Andy's life, reporting Andy's private matters, from changing the name of his company, investment in properties, actually Carol is the main decider. Although Andy does not admit Mrs. Lau, but he seems to relax on this matter as he once said in 2006, "If I wanted to have children, I will get married quickly, maybe 2-3 years later I'll have a girlfriend and suddenly announced that I'm getting married."

However, during this concert, he announced the song - Ah So (literally translated as my wife), he said: "There's one woman that you're finding for 20 years and cannot photograph her, because she knew how to transform." Then he pull out a female dancer and said: "You can called her ah so?" The audience then shouted out Carol's name, it seems that the fans are happy to hear their idol announcing Carol Zhu.

news from: udn news, Apple Daily News