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| Monday, January 07, 2008

Andy Lau's 16 nights of concerts had come to an end successfully, the night's atmosphere was at a high as even Andy was very "high" playing, fearing of being fined for overtime, the encore only last for 30 minutes as the concert ended at midnight but to make everyone happy, Andy is not so calculative.

The special guests that went to support him include his parents, Sammi Cheng, Shu Qi, Peter Lam with his family and Deannie Yip as all of them were so concentrated watching the concert. Sammi was seems waving her light stick throughout the concert as though she was a young fan.

When told of Sammi's presence, Andy specially dedicate 'Ru Gou Wo You Shi' to her as in return she stand up to thanks Andy whom express that he would like to collaborate with Sammi in movies again, but his boss Peter Lam said that their fees are too expensive. Despite that, Andy quipped that they would not lower their asking fees as Sammi pointed to Peter whom was sitting beside her burst into laughters.

Andy told the audience that throughout the 16 nights of concert, he had looked into everybody's eyes as it allow him to understand the word cherish, he pointed out that some artistes had many fans but they did not know how to cherish thus all of them switched to his camp, these words made the audience burst into laughters.

There are a group of mischievous fans among the audience as during the hand shaking segment, they grabbed his hand, snatch his hat and rubbed his face. Some even sprayed confetti at him which made his face full of confetti which stun and made him embarrasses, thus he jumped off the stage to snatch away the cans of confetti as he seize the chance to spray confetti back at them, but those around started to "attack" him which made Andy had no choice but to retreat, he said: "All of you gang up to play a fool on me, I would be bother with all of you!"

Towards the end of the concert, Andy was singing 'Mei You Ci Ban De Tian Shi' as the fans shouted him to remove his shirt, Andy quipped: "My movie is The Warlords and not Lust, Caution." During encore, Andy sang another 5 more songs, although he will be fine a 6 figure amount but Andy feel that it's worth it.

He was given flowers and champagnes, he got excited as he open the champagnes to spray at the fans, he also drown himself with champagnes, while the black and white Andoxes duet Ma Ma I Love You.

At the celebration dinner, several old friends show up to support him as good friend Lam Ka Tung gave him a luggage full of pillows, swimming trucks and diving equipments which will come to good use when Andy goes for a holiday because Andy had planned to go for a holiday between August and September and go to watch the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Andy revealed that the idea of lighting striking him came from his father, he said: "As I don't have enough concert tickets for him, thus he reminded me that I will be strike by lighting, ha ha!"

Both Andoxes accompanied Andy to cut the cake. Andy express that he initially intended to have 20 nights to break his previous record. After the concert, Andy will rest for 2 days before getting back to do dubbing for his movie and recorded Chinese New Year songs with Andoxes, then he will wait for new movie offers if not he would be holiday till September, he said: "I would not accept any movie offers unless it has a good script, I've rejected several period movies, I wanted to shoot some happy modern movies. (Would you have any more concerts?) I won't in 2008, not sure about 2009, maybe in 2012 or 2017, ha ha!"

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News