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| Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei did not have a happy ending in The Warlords, however in real life, Andy also does not like this kind of woman. Earlier Andy was interviewed by Elle magazine, he said: "Xu Jinglei is a special actress to act opposite with, whether in or off screen, she's a woman that's dare to love and hate, however the woman that I like does not need to be dare to love and hate, I believe in slow and long term relationship, or rather plain relationship, realistic and long."

Xu Jinglei was touted as Beijing's number one talented woman, but she had some opinion of being a talented woman, he said: "I really wanted to be a beauty, beauty is born with, talent can be nurture slowly, every person can become a talented woman, but not every talented woman can become a beauty. I don't think that I'm talented, I'm just daring to do things without thinking of the consequences."

news from: Ming Pao