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| Monday, January 07, 2008

15 nights of concerts had come to an end. On 5 January, the organizer specially arranged a celebration press conference for him. After being in the showbiz for more than 20 years, Andy Lau's charisma doesn't seems to subside as he quipped that when he's on the stage, he is also more happy than the fans, thus retirement is very far for him!

This year should considered as a fruitful year for Andy, other than the impressive box office takings of The Warlords, Battle of Wits also had great reviews when it was screened in Japan, he exclaimed that Japanese party had intention of inviting him to cast him in a movie similar to The Last Samurai.

Thinking back to of his collaborations with Sammi Cheng in Love On A Diet and Yesterday Once More could not be considered as classical productions, with Sammi making a return to showbiz, Andy expressed that he would like to collaborate with her again, he revealed that he had already started looking for scripts, thus the possibility of them collaborating is very high.

news from: Sina.com