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| Friday, January 04, 2008

Recently, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon revealed Andy Lau's Zhao Zilong dressed in white image, the image is refreshing and Andy himself is very satisfied.

With the redrawing of long holidays in Mainland China, thus box office takings during the festive Chinese New Year might not reach new heights as it might only happen during the summer holidays. However, with another another major production movie of the same three kingdom theme - War of the Red Cliff to open in the cinema, thus Andy Lau's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had decided to open in the cinemas in April. A young Zhao Zilong look was revealed yesterday and with regards to earlier negative feedbacks of his Zhao Zilong look from netizens, Andy said: "Playing a historical figure is hard to satisfy everybody's taste, I can only just play Zhao Yun near to perfect."

Director Peter Chan sing praise of Andy as he said he is the most handsome Zhao Zilong in history. However, some netizens are still not satisfied as a certain netizen's comments catches several attention: "The white hat that the young Zhao Zilong was wearing and the white gown that he was wearing looked like an apron, thus he looked like a chef!"

In an online forum, several other modifications were done.

news from: http://ent.163.com, http://bbs.ent.163.com/