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| Saturday, January 05, 2008

Alan Tam secretly made an appearance at Andy Lau's 14th night concert, he suddenly dashed onto the stage which caught Andy off guard, other than singing 'Xia Yu Wan Shang' without any music, he also recount some old events of Andy dated 20 years ago.

When Andy saw Alan went onto the stage, he immediately said: "I thought you were saying that you're busy and could not come!" Alan quipped: "I'm your good friend, not matter how busy am I, I will jet over to watch your performance." Then, they gave each other a hug as Andy pointed at Alan and quipped: "You're crazy, ha ha!"

Alan replied: "Correct, I'm crazy." The audience reacted with screams and Andy shouted at Alan: "Don't you walk over there, they're crazy too." Alan then quipped: "I was told that you could transfer electricity but I've came prepared with protections throughout my body, I'm not scared of being electrocuted by you!"

Then Alan started to recount his relationship with Andy and how Andy had fight in showbiz as Andy had intention of quitting singing for movies some 20 years ago, it was a long story as Andy stop him: "Don't continue, if not we will be fine for overtime! To cut short, let me say a few words.... I wanted to say, actually it not 20 years ago there might not have a Andy Lau, actually before this concerts, I have go through an unstable feeling period, there were many news then... some fan doing things that they're not expected to do, I remember answering a long distance call from Alan, he brought a shrink to see me, many thanks for Alan in helping me, teaching me that when there is something in your mind you must say it out to share with your friends, if not you might have lost your idol in 2007."

Andy asked Alan to duet with him 'Yi Qi Zuo Guo De Ri Zi', Andy told him that he does not know how to sing then he would have to return to his seat. Alan then took out the notes that he had scribbled on but Andy snatch away and tear it apart, Alan had a satisfying laugh as he took out another note from his pocket which was also snatch and torn by Andy. The audience burst into laughters, with his 2 notes torn, he pointed at Andy and quipped: "You laughed at me, you will know when you're 10 years older!" However, Alan still manage to duet the song with Andy which won the applause from the audience.

Other than Alan, Nat Chan, Gigi Leung, Raymond Choo and Kok Tat Chiu were among the audience.

In addition, Roadshow Top Music Awards presentation ceremony was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 2 nights ago as Andy and Joey Yung were the biggest winner of the night with 4 awards each, followed by Hacken Lee with 3.5 awards, most surprisingly is that Eason Chan went home empty handed. Although both Andy and Eason did not attend the ceremony, but they have different treatment as Andy managed to win several awards, and thank you speeches video clips were broadcast.

The awards that Andy won were one of the Top Male Singers, Top Chinese Male Singer, Top Chinese Singer-Song Writer and the song 'Yi' named as one of the Top 20 Songs.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po