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| Friday, January 04, 2008

Andy Lau's 13th night concert was held two nights ago, Kenny Kwan, Michael Miu and wife, Felix Wong and Chan Po Chu were present to show him support. Once again when shaking hands with the audience he has new scratch marks despite the previous scratch marks had yet recovered, there was bleeding from the marks after the hand shake segment. When Kenny shake hands and hugged Andy, he was shocked when discover that Andy's hand was injured as he immediately asked if everything is fine. Andy then quipped: "Relax, OK."

After the hand shaking segment, Andy return to the center of the stage and tell everybody while raising his hand: "I've told all of you before shaking hands, we used our hand for hand shake and not using the finger nails to scratch people, take a look at my old scratches had just recovered, now you've made a new scratch over it, I was almost skinned by all of you, now it's bleeding ... sigh ..."

Due to the recent serious virus infection, the first thing that Andy went back to his hotel was to apply alcohol to his wound and stick a plaster before joining Felix and Michael for supper at his hotel as they seize the chance to ask him about the scratch marks.

Andy said: "There's no problem with the scratch marks, the most scary is people stacking against people, after shaking hands with audience seat at rounded corner, I stopped shaking hands with them as I was standing there seeing 3 rows of people stacking and pushing around, I'm worried that accidents will happen. Thus I stopped and allow them to get back to their original position, when order is install, I then continue shaking their hands."

Felix quipped that Andy should wear a glove as recently there was many strange virus spreading around as even the newspaper had urged everyone to protect their wounds, as there are still 3 more nights of concert, he really need to take care of his wounds, Andy then quipped: "Why not asked them to customize a metal glove for me, it would be more safe, haha!"

Meanwhile a certain Hong Kong magazine reported a story that Andy got married to flush his bad fortune, as it said that Andy and his alleged girlfriend of 20 years Carol Zhu Liqian joint name to donate $10,000 to Chi Lin Nunnery. As Andy was currently busy with his concerts, he had no time for such made-up allegations as he replied the allegation through telephone, he burst into laughters and said: "Thanks for all the concern, I'm not married, I happily doing my concerts! That's all for now, no more replies!"

In addition, Andy whom had earlier expressed that he would not be attending any of this year's music awards presentation ceremonies, one reader complaint that Andy was kicked out for the running of Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer in TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, whereas newcomer Raymond Lam Fung is among the nomination list, thus attention will be on it. When asked why Lam Fung was eligible for the running for Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, TVB's Mr. Chan said: "Lam Fung had a certain popularity level in Mainland China, it's not strange that he was nominated, any nominated singer has the chance of winning the award, Lam Fung is a newcomer, he would be delighted that he was nominated."

Despite Andy is not nominated for the 2 male singer awards, he was nominated for Most Popular Singer-Song Writer, Top 10 Hit Song, Most Popular Commercial Song and Most Popular Mandarin Song. Mr. Chan further explain Andy's name omitted from the male singers award, he said: "In the 3 Jade Solid Gold Season Selection, Andy didn't have any song that made into the top 12 songs, thus he's not nominated for the male singers award, which is the same case for Kelly Chen." When asked why among the 62 Jade Solid Gold hit songs, Andy only have 'Zhi Sang Po Po' nominated, Mr. Chan said: "In 2007, other than the 37 songs in the 3 seasonal selection, the song with the highest marks each selection will be automatically nominated, thus only 'Zhi Sang Po Po' being nominated." Thus, the reason of Andy being omitted out is due to none of his songs being nominated into the top hits nominee list although TVB had the practice of no awards for absentees to their award presentation ceremonies.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Sina.com