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| Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 27th Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony will be held tonight, Andy Lau whom will have the chance to win both the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards was at Tsim Sha Tsui's Avenue of Stars to attend the opening ceremony of Macro Interactive Media Arts Exhibition which is organized by Johnnie To.

Andy stress that he looked at the awards normally, in order not to divide the votes of The Warlords as Jet Li is also nominated for Best Actor, he urge all if they were to vote for The Warlords, should vote for Jet.

As Andy indicate that he wanted to become Best Supporting Actor as he gave up the Best Actor award to Jet, he quipped: "If they were to vote for me, they can vote for me in the Best Supporting Actor. (Isn't it fighting the award with Chow Yun Fat?) I'm not afraid, the other nominees include Nick Cheung, Louis Koo and Ronald Cheng, each has their own performance. (You and Chow are nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for the first time?) Who win between the 2 of us is good, the other 3 nominees had their own special, thus its a huge contest for the Best Supporting Actor, thus when it's so fun, who win or lose does not matter."

Earlier The Warlord director Peter Chan openly expressed that he hope Jet Li to win the Best Actor award, but feel that it's unfair to Andy, Andy exclaim: "He does not need to bother about it."

Andy express that the competing atmosphere for this year's awards are more relax to previous years, because they are different type of actors nominated, it's like the flowers blossom, he quipped: "Luckily there is no films similar to Wong Kar Wai's films, thus all movies has an equal chance, it's also a peaceful atmosphere this year!" However, Andy sing praise of Siu Yam Yam's performance in The Pye-Dog and hope that she could win the Best Supporting Actress award.

In addition, Andy is very interested in Macro Interactive Media Arts Exhibition and he did approach LED artist Teddy Lo, he heard that it took 3 days to fix up the lights effects in the Hong Kong Coliseum, thus he urge the government to finance: "Installing the lights in the Coliseum required 3 days, but the rental fees is very high, I hope the government would charge cheaper, we being artists can go all around the world to enjoy different arts, we have the responsible to bring these to the Hong Kong audience, anyway this is also a good business chance."

Andy express that it would be difficult to be used in Hong Kong concerts, he plans to use it in his overseas concerts.

When director Johnnie To was asked if he hope his best friend Andy to win awards? Johnnie said: "Andy never won awards before?" When told that Andy never win the Best Supporting Actor before, he said: "Andy is very hardworking, maybe he should to win the Best Director next time."

news from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, ent.163.com, ent.tom.com