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| Friday, May 02, 2008

Other than attending the Countdown 100 days to Olympic Games gala, Andy Lau also went to Beijing TV Station to record the "Sing for Olympic" program.

When the compere asked Andy if his company employed 3 times Paralympic Games sprinter gold medalist Su Hua Wei to work in his comapny. Andy said that his responsibility was data entry. When asked what data does Su entered? Andy joked that he entered the data of fan club members whom failed to pay the membership fees. Everyone present burst into laughters.

The compere also reminded Andy that he had made a deal with Su, Andy said that he and Su made a deal to compete each other in a "100 meter sprint", however Su but first run a new record of 12 seconds before competing with Andy. Currently, Su's record is 12.15 seconds, it's because that Su is deaf thus he could not wear the huge hearing aid, thus he only start running when he see the others started running, with hearing aid becoming smaller in size nowadays, his speed could only get better therefore Andy is pretty confidence of Su in this year's competition.

After returning to Hong Kong, Andy will become the torch bearer before shooting his new movie.

news from: Sina.com