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| Thursday, May 01, 2008

Andy Lau's Everyone is No. 1 was selected as 2008 Paralympic Games theme song, together with the lyricist and composer, they attended the Countdown 100 days to Olympics Games at Beijing yesterday, Andy was asked to present an award and sang this song.

It was a star-stubbed event as the organizer invited more than 100 artistes from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan to perform, the artistes includes Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Cheung Huei-mei (A*mei), Eason Chan and Karen Mok.

Andy took an early flight to Beijing to do a recording for China Beijing TV Station's Sing for Olympics (literally translated). During the recording. Andy talked about disabled sportsmen, he said: "For them I'm really willing to give my best and do all for them, I feel that they have strong will power, they never give up. The teacher that I respected the most is my father. My father was diagnosed with cancer (Bladder Carcinoma) 5 or 6 years ago, for the 5 years after he gone through the operation, he had to go back to the hospital for check-up, I never hear anything from him, when he met other patients in the hospital during his checkup, he would encourage them and asked them not to give up, he has a healthy mentality, I can see this spirit from him."

In the program, national Paralympic Games swimming champion Liu Wei whom lost both his hands played the piano with his legs, he started to learn music one year ago and currently he had reached 7 out of 10 level. Andy was very touched after watching Liu's performance as he immediately went to stand beside him as Liu played 'Tian Yi' for Andy, Liu also added that he would like to write a song for Andy.

Another performance that Andy described as beyond description is performed by disabled dancing on their wheelchair, some of these disabled are suffering from Poliovirus and a few are deaf. Although they could not hear the rhythm of the music but they still could dance properly as they were trained by 3 hand sign teachers, they danced as though they are not deaf.

Disable sportsman Song Chen Tao whom earlier recorded the disabled community commercial with Andy was also present as he thanked Andy for his support to the disabled and added that he feel honor shooting the commercial with Andy. Upon seeing the hardworking and touching performance that touches everyone, Andy said at the end of the program: "Everybody feel that I have strong influential power, but all these influential power came from you, thus everyone should not neglect your internal strength."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po