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| Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Commercial Radio as he expressed that his father was diagnosed with cancer (Bladder Carcinoma) 5 years ago and had gone through a huge operation, as cancer has a cycle of 5 years, the doctor said that his father had recovered completely.

When Andy talked about his father during the interview, he was so touched that he teared as he said: "I love my father the most, since young he had taught me many things, it's my father whom brought me into this world, show me the world, teaches me how to look at this world in another angle."

From his father, Andy learn "never give up" and narrates how his father fight against cancer for 5 years, he said: "Approximately 5 years ago, he had a huge operation, it's an operation that everyone need time to face it, I go through with my father, he's willing to take up any challenge, elderly look at illness with a normal heart." As cancer has a cycle in 5 years, this year the doctor had told his father that he had recover completely, thus Andy can relax.

Andy also talked about his 2 "children" as he had become a "mother" for almost 1 year, he personally sewn Andox during last year's Mother's Day and thereafter Blackie was born too. He said: "It really gave me a feeling that I'm married with a family." He said that he earlier brought Andox and Blackie to Europe to witness some artist designing jeans, they do not know who is Andy as they mistaken Andy as a designer, he clarify that he's a superstar from Hong Kong, the artist careless as he is more interested with Andox and Blackie.

Andy was so excited when talked about children, with regards to when he would get married, his answer is up to the point, he said: "I will get married eventually. But I don't have a schedule. Heaven will help me decide! Oh! My God!"

Andy also used his new song 'Yi Ye Zhang Da' to talk about past matters, he said: "When I was feeling very down, a friend of mine become calculative with me, after that I think I've mature a lot and see through many things."

In addition, Andy revealed that he would start shooting Andrew Lau's love comedy at the end of May and September he would start shooting an action movie.

Although Andy did not mention Carol Zhu Liqian, but his good brother Kent Tong was being asked about Andy getting married in Mainland China. Kent exclaimed that he was not sure but Andy is together with Carol all these years, if they were to get married it would be a good ending. Kent also quipped that Andy is way past the age to get marry, if he still don't get married and have children, it would not be suitable when he get older, he can still make it if he get married now. It's always alleged that Andy had children, with regards to this, Kent said: "Andy does not have children. (Is Carol pregnant?) I'm not sure, I think not, maybe they're currently working hard."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Tom.com, Apple Daily News