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| Friday, April 25, 2008

In May 2007, Andy Lau "gave birth" to Andox and Blackie. Recently Andy was invited to be the concept designer for Hong Kong jeans label Blues Heroes. With his "children", Andy tour several countries for creative ideas and managed to release some limited edition clothings!

When interviewed by Apple Daily earlier, Andy was surprised that Andox would be able to collaborate with Blues Heroes to release products and also held a show, he also represent Andox to share the creative concept of Departure. Andy hope to go to many countries and get to communicate with people and friends of different nationalities and backgrounds in order to bring different message from the world.

In the exhibition, of course Andy's signature cannot be missed out!

He said: "Whenever I collaborate with other products, the commercial element is rather strong, thus this time's feeling is rather strange, because the commercial element is not strong, feel that it's just bringing others countries back to share with everyone in Hong Kong."

Black T-shirt - HK$390 ; jeans - HK$990 ; tight-fitting jeans coat - HK$990

The limited edition designs released for this collaboration is not many as it mainly focus on black and white T-shirts and vintage flavor jeans, it also has simple designs. Andy express that he like single color and simple design clothings, he loved basic jeans, he said: "I don't like those strange cutting, in the past I could not accept tight fitting jeans, but now I accept them and tried them, up till now, I won't wear t-shirt and jeans to attend music programs recording, whenever it's performing on the stage, it does not matter it's just 300 or 30 audience, must respect the event."

Departure white T-shirt - HK$390 ; Light blue jeans - HK$890

Andy also revealed that he admire French designer Azzedine Alaia's simple and plain design, it's a pity that he does not have the chance to wear his design, he quipped: "I get to know Alaia as I was doing my rounds of concert these 2 years, his design is very simple, mainly based on single color, they're very nice, it's a pity they it's designed for female, if there is a chance I'll approach him."

White Andox T-shirt - HK$390; Black bronze jeans - HK$990

Andox's collaboration with Blue Heroes is a grand affair, a show with Departure as theme was held within a D-Mop store. Other than photographs of Andox holidaying in different countries, 6 designers from different countries were invited to design jean clothings which includes Japan's A Bathing Ape online store mastermind Masahiro Hirai and England's Will Lees and others to form like-minded friends from all over the world.

D-mop's Departure exhibition, with lots of Andox's holidaying photographs.

news from: Apple Daily News