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| Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 27th Hong Kong Film Awards had been successfully held few nights ago, Jet Li won the Best Actor award with The Warlords and Andy Lau was also nominated for the same award with the same movie but it's a surprise that he won the Best Supporting Actor award with Protege which leaves him delighted and surprised. At the post ceremony party, Andy expressed that he's delighted to win the award and quipped that he had booked next year's Best Actor award with Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon.

The Warlords sweep away a total of 8 awards to become the biggest winner, Andy expressed at the post ceremony party that he's very happy that Jet won the Best Actor award as everyone acted very well thus he does not feel that he lose face when he didn't win the award. In 2007, his Brother Kun in Protege and Zhao Er-hu in The Warlords won him nominations, this is a recognition for him, but he's more confidence in Zhao Zilong of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, "I think there's high hope for Zhao Zilong, winning the Best Supporting Actor this year, I'll win the Best Actor award next year, I've book this position in advance." Andy quipped.

Many movie critics also admitted that the characters that Andy had created for himself on the silver screen in the past 2 years had won the hearts of many audience, many had sing praise for his performance in Protege and The Warlords. Currently Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon is being discussed, other than its story, Andy's acting is also being discussed, thus all audience whom had watched the movie had the same remark: "Great!"

Meanwhile, when The Warlords director Peter Chan was interviewed and asked about how he looked at Jet winning the Best Actor award when both Jet and Andy was nominated for the award. Peter said: "Initially I think that Jet will win the award as I have never seen a Jet Li like this before, but I'm not indicating that Jet had acted better than Andy, in actual fact, I feel that Andy had acted better than Jet as he made a bigger change when compared to Jet. To develop the potential of a person is not difficult but it is to change a person. Before shooting, I did chatted with Jet and I never expected that he will acted out this way which give the audience a refreshing feeling. But I didn't feel that Andy would acted out so well as he completely discard how he do things in the past, this is what Andy did by himself, I'm not going to claim any reward. Andy's biggest issue is that he looked like the male lead, but he told me that he acted with a mentality that he's a supporting character, thus goes away with the main lead mentality, thus it's unlike Andy Lau. Andy seems agitated when he win the Best Supporting Actor award, some reporter asked me how am I going to console him, I feel that it's strange because do I need to console him? Andy is so delighted winning the award."

news from: Sina.com, ent.163.com