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| Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andy Lau was at Causeway Bay yesterday to attend Andox Meets Blues Heroes Departure concept exhibition to announce the cross over limited edition jeans, T-shirts and jeans jackets that he designed for Andox.

Andy expressed that these products will earn quite a large amount of money for Andox but he currently had not considered to make it into a business and release other products as he only one to make it into a label for Andox to bring onto the stage in order for others to know its life and character.

Andy said that he would be releasing comics on his personal website which will introduce his private life through the eyes of Andox, he quipped: "Only Andox can come into my house and talk about my private life."

When asked about the alleged reports that he would be marrying Carol Zhu Liqian soon, Andy express that he's delighted of everybody's concern for him but when he discovered on forums that there are threads of him and Tony Leung getting married soon made him embarrassed as he does not wish to be involved in such threads. Andy continues: "If I'm getting married, I'll announced it the first thing in my website, it would not be through newspapers or magazine, therefore I will not concern about all alleged reports in magazines."

When asked when Andy set any date to get married, Andy said: "Nope." When asked about Tony Leung announcement that he will wed girlfriend Carina Lau this year, Andy said: "Tony had been forced to say it by the media." When reporter pointed out that Tony said it willingly, Andy stress on his point and quipped: "All of you forced him to say so."

It was alleged that Miriam Yeung would not be renewing her contract with TVB but urging East Asia singers to participate in the shooting of Beijing theme song music video for TVB, being a singer under East Asia Andy expressed that he knew nothing of the matter.

With regards to Andrew Lau's franchise film to The Storm Riders about Wu Ming, it's said that Andy will be given the role of Wu Ming, Andy admitted that he was contacted to discuss of a collaboration but the project had been delayed as it will be discussed again after Aaron Kwok and Ekin Cheng complete Storm Riders II.

When asked about that he would be highly paid to be Ma Ying-jeou in a film about the new Taiwan president life story, Andy said: "Even Ma Ying-jeou asked me not to accept the offer to avoid any discussion."

Andy was asked if he would become one of the torch bearer for the Beijing Olympic Games, Andy said that he did not get any notice from them and he's not worried that the torch will be snatched away from him, he said: "I think the government will do all the preparation, whoever be the torch bearer is fine, no need to think so much, just do his/her best to run."

It's a dream for everyone to go holiday in another country, one need to save enough money before going on a holiday, it would be some difficulties for those being employed, it's also a problem to Andy. Although money is not an issue to him, but to go holiday and leave his work behind, it would need 2 years to plan in advance as he need to make arrangements to his work before able to enjoy his holiday which is an island in Greece. Andy explains that he choose to holiday in Greece is because of its magical historical trails, plus its romantic sea, holiday there would allow him to enjoy the real feeling of being romantic. Andy exclaimed: "It's hard for me to holiday there peacefully, maybe due to my status, I could not join the local tours, if I have several people wanted to go, we can form a tour group, it would not be a problem to rent a boat to go out to the sea, if it really happens within 2 years, believed I will ask my family members and friends to go to Greece to truly have a relaxing holiday!"

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